Friday, May 29, 2009

8 Months

Where does the time go? These last 8 months have just flown by! Well, this last month not quite as much.... The kiddos have been having a hard month. We had such a wonderful schedule down: Eat, play, fuss, nap, repeat. Not so much lately. I don't know if they are teething or just going through a stage. It's so hard to tell with little ones when they can't just tell you what's going on. So the last month has been something of a challenge for Mom! Most days I don't think I will make it. But regardless of all that, we love these babies! They are healthy and growing and learning new things everyday! It's so fun to watch them discover new things. I love it! We are so blessed to have Cameron, Blake and Madi! :)

*Quite the charater! He is our little clown
*He is into screaming these days. Mostly when he is mad or upset. He also does quite a bit when he is happy too! :)
*Laughs, smiles and giggles
*Rolling like a pro! Get's stuck a lot and that frustrates him a lot!
*Not been a good eater this past month - still trying to figure out what's going on there. When he does eat it's about 7-8oz per feeding. We are down to 4 feedings a day.
*LOVELOVELOVES any food! He loves the baby food but REALLY wants our food! :) He would eat it all day.
*Starting to figure out a sippy cup. Mostly just practicing.
*Clucks his tongue - SO cute! :)
*Been pretty crabby this last month. We don't know if it's teething, sickness, a phase or a combo of both! :)
*Probably weighs 15lbs maybe a little more.
*On the shorter side and very chubby, love that! :)
*Says dadada and babababa, loves to talk.
*One of the loves of my life!
*Such a sweet guy! Very quite, studies everything.
*Pretty easy going guy, has learned to throw fits though! They are pretty few and far between.
*Has started rolling and moving around a lot more. Still kinda gets stuck on his belly and he does not like that at all!
*Great sleeper at night and nap time.
*Walks really well holding your hands
*Still LOVELOVELOVES to bounce in his jumper(or anywhere else he feels he can try it! :))
*He has still been eating like a pro, about 7-8 oz per feeding. He is also down to about 4 feedings per day.
*Is still not sure about solid food, we are still working on that one.
*He has started to talk also, does dadadada and then coos alot.
*He is tall and lean.
*Weighs somewhere in the 15lb area
*Another one of the loves of my life!
*Is our funny, sweet, dramatic little one!
*She is full of life and smiles, and let's you know whatever mood she is in! :)
*She moves everywhere! We have to wrap her up tight in her crib or she rolls all over and ends up on her belly and HATES that cause she can't get off in her bed.
*Has started to get up on her hands and knees.
*Good night sleeper, soso nap taker.
*She laughs very easy these days which is so cute.
*She has not been a good eater the past month either, but when she does eat she eats about 5 1/2oz.
*Is down to 4 feedings a day also
*Loves her food! Has started on teething biscuits(so have the boys)
*Loves to talk and a coo and shriek! She sticks her tongue out while she talks - so cute! :)
*She is still so tiny! I love it! Can only wear newborn size shoes still and is in 3-6 months clothes depending on the brand.
*Probably 12-13lbs now.
*Has also been pretty crabby, I think the same combo as Cam might apply.
*The third love of my life!
(And of course Jason is number one! ;) )

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