Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This week....

Man, I REALLY hope we are in a phase - a SHORT phase right now! These kiddos are having a rough week (and so is Mom!) They are not napping, barely eating and as a result very cranky. It's been rough, they just fight me hard when I am trying to feed them. I keep thinking maybe they are not hungry but they cry and act hungry before I start so I just don't know. Maybe they don't feel good..... Wouldn't it be great id we could speak baby???? :) But - we will make it through! And, there has been some fun things this week too!
On Monday I went to Karli's house for a few hours. She helped me work on a project and we had lots of visiting. Well as much as you can get in with four kiddos and two adults! :) We had a ton of fun! It was so nice just to have some girl time! Poor Grayson wasn't too sure about all those babies! Especially with his mom holding and feeding them. And they were playing with his favorite toys! :) I guess we will just have to be around him more! This was his first time around them since we couldn't have the babies around little kids.
Tuesday my Mom and Bianca came over to help me out. It was a quick visit but fun! Bianca went with me to Wal-Mart to help me get groceries while my mom watched the kiddos.

Tomorrow I get another date with my hubby and a very full and fun weekend coming up!
This was cute! I had Cameron on the other side of the room on his blanket. He had been fairly fussy so when I heard him start his screaming/crying/grunting act I took a few minutes to get in there. When I came in this how I found him, poor guy! It was pretty funny! :) Somehow he rolled himself all the way over there and managed to get stuck under the coffee table!

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