Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A little bit of everything

I'm a little behind on getting things posted! How does that happen so fast??? These are just some random shots of the babies - being cute! :)

We've been trying out lots of veggies and fruits and making a big mess doing it!
Madison is in a dress that Kristen and I wore when we were little. SO cute! I think she looks like Kristen as a baby in this pic. Not quite fair I don't think! :) There used to be an orange slip to go under it but went missing somewhere over the years which is why it's totally see through on Madison.
We bought a trailer last weekend! I am SOSO psyched! I am going to take some pics of it and post soon. That's me and Madison hanging out in the car while the boys figured out the boring stuff. :) I LOVE it and can't wait to go camping soon! YEA!!

Yesterday we finally broke down and went to the dr. The kids had just not been getting any better with eating and fussiness. So they thought they should be seen. We had to go to an on call dr cause mine ped was out of town. :( Our appointment was at 4pm and didn't get seen until 5pm. Then another 45 min with the dr. That was a miserable afternoon! The babies usally are napping around then (or eating) but I figured it would work out cause it wasn't supposed to take too long.......They were so exausted! By the time we saw the dr they were about 2 hours overdo for their nap and GRUMPY! Whew...we made it through though - barely - and with some results I think. It seems the babies may be lactose intolerant. We are still testing it out but ever since we switched the babies have eaten good and been a lot happier after feedings. SO we will see. I am excited to have something working - not so excited to deal with lactose intolerance! Hopefully they will grow out of it quickly!

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Mrs. MK said...

I am so excited! Can't wait to go camping with you week???

And good news on finding a possible cause for all the grumpiness!! WOOHOO!