Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mothers Day - Part Two

The second part of the day was spent at my families house. We had more food! YUM! Pork ribs and steak, cheesey potatoes, homemade bread and coconut cream pie!! Oh, I wish I could eat it again! :) My Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Jean came over to celebrate with us. Kristen and Sage came over too for a whilee. It was nice to have them there also! We also did Jacobs birthday party too. He is 16 - WOW! All grown up! :) We had fun playing on the trampoline, opening presents and visiting. It was a good day!

I don't think there is even close to enough room on this blog to talk about my mom! She is an amazing lady! I don't know where I would be without her! She is special in SOSO many ways! I think back over this last year and am so blessed to remember all she did (and does daily) for me! She supported me, encouraged me, brought me whatever I needed, kept me company, took me to the hospital and drs, cleaned my house, organized the babies room, and continues to do all those things daily for me now! WOW! I know that doesn't cover everything either! And all that doesn't count raising me and loving me all my life. So thanks Mom! I LOVE you and you are one of my very best friends! THANKS!

AND NOW I AM A MOM TOO! I LOVE YOU WONDERFUL LITTLE MIRACLES! I thank God for you everyday and am still in awe that I have you! Who would've thought I would grow up to have triplets???? : o ) Jason and I spent the rest of the evening together. He makes me feel like the perfect Mom! He got me a sweet card and candy and gave me some mad money! YEA!! He made me a wonderful breakfast and helps me wherever possible! He's a great guy!

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