Monday, October 4, 2010

A special day!

Time to wake up and find your presents!
They LOVE LOVE LOVE phones right now! They were so excited to get their own cell phone. Blake is hilarious!! He will sit and blabber into his phone for 45 minutes - no exaggeration! He cracks me up! You thought it was girls who were the talkers! Blake's conversations sound like this "A blad fosfnhos abjbadfhh Bampa!! A bsosif bnfsoeife nsofih Mammy!! Adnlkf sdfkjs vnlsdfkpeof Mommy" and so on and so on. And then he hollers BYE BYE! He then hangs up and starts over. LOVE it! :)

My very cheesy, funny little boy! Yes, he also loves pink. He wants whatever is pink and is always pointing them out to me! Cracks me up! He is going to be a MAJOR class clown! He knows how to get a laugh! Or, if he hears someone else laughing he throws his head back and starts belling laughing! So cute!
Madison and Cameron's phone. She is going to be a girly tomboy. Does that make any sense? One minute she is playing in the dirt, climbing everything in sight, barreling over her brothers and playing with a snake. The next moment she is screaming and crying cause there is a fly in the same room as her or she got a tiny piece of dirt on her shirt. Funny girl! She keeps us hopping!

We took them to the park for part of their special day. They loved that of course, especially since Daddy got to come!

Cameron and his best friend Monkey. Original huh?

Three Amigos
They are swinging like big kids. I don't know about that!

Birthday cupcakes and candles. They thought the fire was pretty cool!
Yes, I made them eat them outside cause I didn't want to clean up the mess! :)

Cameron just savors things. He just took tiny little licks of his frosting. If I would have let him, it would have taken hours to eat!! He has had a fruit snack in his mouth for an hour before because he just doesn't want it gone. He does that a lot! Madison took 2 or 3 bites and that was enough for her. Such a healthy girl!! Blake devoured his and made a HUGE mess!
We also had a really yummy special breakfast, and pizza and popcorn for dinner! I asked them what they wanted to eat for their birthday and Cam said pizza (peessa) and popcorn (pacorn)And balloons, we didn't eat those but I did get them the balloons too! So cute! Love these kids - they are getting so funny! I HAVE to start documenting the things they say and do. Priceless!

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