Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

We went a pumpkin picking!
Kristen came over a couple weeks ago and helped me take the kids to get some pumpkins.
My pics are in the wrong order but I didn't want to start all over. :) So, here is the finished product from our pumpkin trip!
Loading up the pumpkins. I have such WONDERFUL helpers!

Wait a minute...where are the helpers??

Cam was in a very unusual mood for him (grumpy) and was having a hard time finding a pumpkin he could be happy with. There was a nice guy helping us pick and carry them (since he could tell me hands were a bit full) and he kept bringing little pumpkins to Cam. Cam just continually snubed him and his pumpkins. Hmm..little stinker. We finally all got just the right one though! :)

Madison was having a blast! This is her little pumpkin!

Aren't they all cute?!?!

It was a wonderful trip - I didn't know we got a hay ride so that was a very fun surprise!!
Thanks Aunt Kristen for all your help!!

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Karli said...

i miss you. this is getting a little ridiculous isn't it? let's please get together sometime in the month of november-no excuses from either side. (: love you friend.