Monday, October 11, 2010

The Battle

Well it happened! We had a MAJOR battle of the will at the McKinney house today! I think maybe Blake has stored up all his frustration from the last 2 years of his life and let it all come crashing out today! Whew...

Jason has been out of town again. So needless to say I am already pretty worn out and stressed. The kids started off the morning being kind of naughty, steeling toys and being ornery to each other. Mommy was getting a little frustrated but we were working through each situation that came up (about every 3 minutes! :)) We had been in Nampa/Boise for the weekend and were getting ready to come home. I decided to stop at Wal-Mart in Nampa to pick up some things before heading home. The kids did pretty good in the store, Blake was being a little hard to handle but nothing to major.

In the check out line, Blake wasn't getting something he wanted and lost it! He just started crying. I was trying to get him to stop but that just made it worse. All the while, trying to keep tabs and the other 2 two years olds with me, pay for me groceries and not notice all the people staring at me. :) A worker came over to Blake and tried to talk to him. Oh man - not good! He lost if even more! He was throwing a major fit! It was bad. I was trying to talk to him while we walked out but to no avail. This continued and escalated the whole 45 minute drive home.

We got home, I took him to his room and put him in his bed. I didn't think the fit could escalate from there but it did...Long story short over 2 hours later it was finally over. Lots of tears from mommy, lots of tears from Blake, lots of loves from Cameron while mommy was crying! The last time I went in to talk to Blake he jumped up, smiled at me, said sorry and he loved me. I gave him lunch and put him to bed and it was over. It was amazing to me, he just decided he was done and I could see the change.

So one battle down..many more I am sure. I am just thankful that though it was hard the Lord worked in me and Blake. I was able to handle the situation calmly and with love. I learned a lot, I hope Blake learned too. So thankful for the strength the Lord gives! So thankful for a Dad who called to check in on the situation every 10 minutes and give support and strength since I could talk to the hubby, thankful for a Mom who is now coming over to give this Mom a break, thankful for friends who knew what was going on and prayed and offered support. Thankful that I am able to see all of this and be thankful! The Lord is good!

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