Thursday, March 18, 2010

Playing a little catch up

The time has just flown by so fast! Last weekend was a fun busy weekend! Friday I got to sleep in, thanks to my hubby!! Had coffee with Kimi for her birthday, we always have so much fun catching up and always run out of time. In fact, I am thinking Ryan is not going to continue to let her come out with me cause she always stays out way later than she is supposed to! :) Then I went to a womens movie night with ladies at my church. It was so fun! Lots of yummy food and dessert, visiting and a Chonda Peirce comedy movie. She is a funny lady!

Saturday I manned the kids while Jason got a little work done. He hasn't been getting much done becuase by the time we get to the weekend I am in some serious need of help!! :) So thankful for him!! Then that afternoon my mom had the great idea that she would come get the kids and they would keep them overnight. YEA for us!! :) We went out to our fav mexican place, El Erradero, and had yummy dinner. Then we went to the movies and saw The Green Zone (not impressed by the way!). Then we came home and just enjoyed the night to ourselves!

Sunday we SLEPT in, like REALLY slept in! That was SO nice, when you have reallllly early risers for kids you realllllly appriciate the sleep in days! Then we went to Dennys for a super yummy breakfast! They do the dishes for you there, SO awesome! ;) Went home, worked on a couple projects and then I headed to Boise to pick up the kiddos. Jason headed to Boise to pick up a motor. WHOLE other story - don't get me started! Haha.... I went and played bball with my mom and the ladies at her church. SO fun!! Loved it! My Dad had the kids all by himself so we could go play, (He is an AMAZING Grandpa!!) he took them to the park to play and then went to the drive thru at McDonalds and got french fries and milk for them. He brought them over to the church to cheer us on. They were so good too! It was so cute to see them parade into the gym, then they just sat down and ate fries. Cameron would clap anytimes someone cheered! So cute! We finished bball and went to visit Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Jean. Aunt Jean is doing so well - but definately still needs prayers! Good to visit with them!! And they LOVE a chance to see the kiddos! Then we all went out to dinner for Italian with some friends from out of town. They graciously allowed me and my three kids to tag along! :) Then headed home with some very tired kiddos!

Monday was back to the daily grind. We had a GREAT day! Such a blessing!! Happy kiddos with lots of good obedience! Thank you Lord!!

Tuesday - BAD day! :p Lots of cranky babies and LOTS of disobedience!! :( Madison is getting two molars in so I am sure that has something to do with it! She has not been sleeping well because of it so that makes a difference too! Cameron has 1 molar coming in, and Blake has two of the front teeth coming in. He's a little slow on the teeth! :) I got to go to Boise on Tuesday night and visit little Megan, Jennifer and Max in the hospital. SO fun! Did a little shopping and headed home.

Wednesday was another just hang out at home day. Sheila and I loaded the kids up for a walk - which we are doing most days around here! It's so fun to have them close enough to do that everyday. Sometimes there are more of us walking and it's really starting to be quite the train of kids! My new jogger works SO GOOD by the way!

Today was a so-so day. We had a rough morning and a pretty good afternoon. I spent the nap time today cooking and baking. We played outside for a long time too, which the kids just can't get enough of. I took dinner to Max and Jen and got to hold the little cutie again! Then off to Bible study and home for bed!

Been a good week overall! It's nice to sit and go through what we did and remember that life is good. Sometimes in the the daily grind of poopy diapers, and tantrums, and trying to bath 3 toddlers all at once, clean, cook, and so on.... I forget how really blessed I am how the good definatly outweighs the hard times! And God is good!!

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