Sunday, March 28, 2010

Madison - OH - Madison

So last week WAS a HARD week! The last couple weeks have been rough. This little girl featured here is the main source of my hard weeks! :) She is one fiesty, stubborn, passionate little girl! God has been very faithful to remind me lately that he has loved me and been very patient with me as I am having to learn to be with Madison. There is nothing like being a parent to show you how much I act the same with the God, and how much I need to grow! He is so faithful to love me and teach me and lead me even when I mess up over and over. Even when I throw temper tantrums. He also reminds me that we have good days! That she is full of life and has the sweetest laugh and smile! That she is learning and making progress. That she is a bundle of joy! That we DO have GOOD days! That she gives loves and kisses to me and her brothers. That she is a blessing in my life! That she is helping God REFINE her mommy! :)
They LOVE this jungle gym! It's so fun to watch them on it! Her brother was waiting - she thought she'd just sit a while! :) Yea, she knew he was waiting! :)

Don't you just LOVE the two pig tails! :)

Uh-oh, no more 4Wheel fanatics! She was very interested in that magazine. I think the boys were on the floor playing with her pink, singing teapot! :)

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Karli said...

she is adorable & so is her mama! I love you and am happy you see the greatness in Madison's independent personality as well. She will be a girl who doesn't get stepped on in life! I love you