Monday, December 14, 2009

The weeks that Jason is home are SO full and happy! It's been a great week! It was so sweet to see how excited the kids were to see him this time. Usually the first day they are happy to see him but they just want me. This time they were so happy and excited and stayed that way all week. They just toddle around saying Daddy, Daddy! So cute!

I got a break Wednesday to just run some errands and take my time doing things in town. That's always nice!! Life right now seems to just be hurry hurry hurry. I LOVE the time when I can just be slow and not rush onto the next thing! A couple nights while Jason is home he sends me into bed early to just veg - which I LOVE!

Thursday we hung out together adn had a good slow day. Jason was able to accomplish a couple things too.... :) Brian and Sheila came over for the evening! We don't get to do as much with our friends lately so it was so nice to hang out and visit! The kiddos always love to play with Brogan too! So fun to have a friends and cousins!

Friday Jason and I got to go to Boise for the day! YAY! My Mom and Dad watched the kiddos so we could take the day. We did some Christmas shopping and errand running. I love that - we don't do that much cause Jason HATES shopping. So it's fun when it happens! :) We went to dinner at the Texas Roadhouse, one of our all time favorites. All around a great day!

Saturday I got to go to Boise again to go shopping!! How great is that??? I shopped until I dropped!! First I stopped at my parents house to help do a little Christmas decorating. Then Kristen and I took off to do check off our Christmas list! We had so much fun, although she didn't make it the whole day! ;) It can be hard to keep up with my shopping habits! I got snowed in Boise and stayed the night with my parents. Jas had the babies all day and all night until I got home. I missed all of them SO much! It was hard to stay the night away but my sweet hubby wanted me safe! Can't beat that!!!

Sunday was a wonderful family day! Lots of vegging and hanging out together! There's nothing I love more than hanging with my man! And of course our kiddos! They are getting so big - we just try to soak up every minute!

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