Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Trees

I LOVE the Christmas season! Such a special time of the year! A great time to be reminded of our Savior and the ultimate sacrifice He came to make for us! I am SO thankful for His love and salvation! I need it!!!

I also love the traditions, the family, the snow, the decorating and everything else that goes into this time of the year! One tradition we have - although we have had to miss the last few years for one reason or another - is going with our friends up into the hills and getting Christmas Trees. I LOVE doing this. I have turned to the dark side since we got married and have wonderfully perfect, pre-lit, fake tree. However, I do like to have a real one for the porch and fresh branches and twigs for the house! So we went with everyone one and found a great tree! We had to forge to creeks and climb a couple hills but we got to it and it looks great on my front porch! Jason hung some lights (that are now falling hopefully we can fix that soon! ) and it looks great! :) The day was so fun! The kids had fun with Grandma and Grandpa McKinney and Jason and I enjoyed a day to ourselves!! Kristen and Sage came along for the first time which was a lot fun too! I am glad they are married and living close and can do all this fun stuff with us! There was quite a bit of snow up there too which made it feel even more like Christmas. The leaders of this outing did go as far up the mountain as we could - the snow got deeper and made the last leg of the trip a little scary for my taste!! There was a drop off on one side of course and the snow was deep and slick on the last part of the road. So the slip and sliding towards the bad side of the road had me nervous. Although my husband tells me we were never in any danger I still get scared! But that's cause he almost killed himself just months after we were married fourwheeling in his truck. But that's a different story...... :) Anyway, fun day - fun traditions! Now - to finish the decorating.....

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