Sunday, December 6, 2009

14 Months

This post is a little behind - but it's here non the less! The time just keeps on flying by! It feels like ages ago that the babies had their first birthday. It was only 2 months but they just keep changing so quickly, growing so fast!
The last few months has been a struggle with these kiddos. A lot of it is due to Jason being gone so much! It's stressful being a 24-7 single parent! They are starting to act out more too - I suppose that comes with the territory though..... :) I think we are just experiencing things sooner than most people because there are three of them! Most kids at this time are not having to learn that they have to share and they have to be nice. There is not an older more understanding child - they are all the same age and they want the SAME thing! We just continue to work with them, teach them to share, not to hit and to love their brothers and sister! :) Although they do just get at each other, it's so sweet to see that they already love each other also! They crawl up to one another and try to give hugs and kisses! It's SO cute! I love it- it does my heart good!

Madison is all walker now! She looks so cute doing it to cause she is so small! It looks funny seeing such a small person cruising around! She has been much happier since she started walking too! She LOVES it! She just walks and smiles and looks back to make sure you are as impressed as she is. SO cute! She is a whopping 17lbs 2oz now - still not even on the charts! HAHA! She is at the 45% for height though so we may have a good basketball player on our hands! She is a funny little girl! She is a handful but a blessing just the same! Madison has learned to say please in sign language and is working on thank you. She can say : Momma, Dadda, hi, cracker and dog. Everything else I don't understand yet! :)
Blake is not walking anymore yet. He can do it - just chooses not to I guess! :) He LOVES to cruise around on his knees! It's the funniest thing. I am not sure why he likes it so much but he does. He is even starting to get calluses on his knees from doing it so much. Blake is starting to have a bit of a jealous attitude and a little temper start to show. He is getting VERY possessive and does not like to share Mom OR his toys. I do feel for these kids, they have had someone constantly steeling toys or pushing or climbing on them since - well since they were inside me! I understand the frustration but can't allow it just the same. So we have been working on that the last couple weeks. They all love to "give loves" to each other! That just makes my heart so happy! It's so cute!! Blake is at 20lbs 10oz now. Still on the small size for weight but was in the 75% for height. I think he might be a tall one! Blake doesn't talk much, he is our quite guy. He says momma, dadda, dog and hi. They all have pretty much the same vocabulary so far. He says please and thank you very well in sign language. He can do the touchdown hands too! :) Daddy thought they should know that! :)
Cameron is getting really close on the walking. Still a little unsure of himself! But he loves it when he does it. He continues to be my happy go lucky kid! He is so funny all the time! He has started whining a little more lately though. :( wanting more attention than he gets! There is just not enough mom to go around! He is my little snuggler too! I LOVE that! Cameron is 21lbs 11oz and all chunk! Although, he is at about the 50% for height and weight. Cameron signs please and thank you very well too! He says: Momma, Dadda, Papa, dog, hi and cracker. Cam loves to laugh. You won't really even know he's around, having a conversation and start to laugh - then in jumps Cameron laughing just as hard as he can to show you he is there! :) He loves to clap and do any kind of trick he can to make you laugh and pay attention to him. He can also do the touchdown move. Very important skill!

Each day grows busier and busier! And most days more and more challenging! But I was reminded today about how blessed I am. I have triplets! Triplets that came 2 months early with NO complications!! They are now growing and healthy just like they had a normal start. There are a lot of multiples stories that are not that happy. As hard and as challenging as it gets, I have three amazingly healthy, beautiful babies!!! God is so good! I am thankful for the reminders he gives me right when I need them!

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