Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas-Part One


We had a wonderful Christmas celebration this year! Back to the busy holidays! It was hard at times, I was really missing my Grandma and Grandpa!! We spent Christmas Eve morning having breakfast with Brian and Sheila, very yummy and lots of fun!! Christmas Eve evening was spent with Jason's family. It's always a fun time, visiting, lots of kids and good food! We also went to the Christmas Eve service together as a family. The kids did great! They sat through our churches the night before and then the next one. I was very proud of them. Of course they had to have a LOT of crackers to keep them occupied! :)

Me and My Honey (and Cams head!!)

Braden reciting the Christmas story for us! Very impressive!

Nathan also had it memorized but he read it to us instead.

Brian, Sheila and Briscoe (soon to make an appearance!)
Miss Madison Joy - Love this spunky little lady!!

My Boys! They are getting so big and handsome!


Grace and Tyler

Cam and Grandpa Curt

Aunt Boo and Blakers
There were a lot of babies at this party! :)


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