Saturday, August 8, 2009

Scary Mom Moment!

Ohhh, I hate these moments! We went to a bbq tonight which was so fun, just down the road at one Jason's buddies house. The babies were crawling from person to person to beg for food - I know, they are beggars! :) Jeremy was feeding his son some cake and Cameron was giving him big puppy dog eyes so Jeremy started giving Cam some cake too. (His first choco cake, he LOVED it! :)) I was standing right next to Cam but figured he was fine. He started coughing and choking and crying! Jeremy looked at me and said "I swear it was a TINY piece of cake!" I told not to worry about it Cameron was just being dramatic. So I picked Cam up and looked in his mouth and somewhere, somehow (I have NO idea) he found a QUARTER and had it in his mouth trying to swollow it and chocking it! AHHHH!!! I just wanted to sit down and cry. Of course Cam was fine cause we saw it and got it out but all the evil "what ifs" were running through my mind. Plus all the "what kind of mom do these other parents think i am". Anyway, all was fine but I had to record one of my first scary horrible mom moments!


Miss Gracie's House said...

This is when WE all say *Thank you, Jesus!"

Jannicka said...

Oh I've had those! Definitely scary!! It does make me feel like the worst mom ever, but other moms assure me all kids do things like that (like fall off the bed or out of the stroller...). Glad he's okay!

Mrs. MK said...

Oh, does that ever bring back memories! Braden still talks about the time (when he was three) when he choked on a piece of cantaloupe that I hadn't cut small enough. I called the paramedics and everything. Thankfully, he was able to cough it out before they got there.

Praise God for protecting Cam!!