Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We have had a busy few weeks! I just keep fillin em up..... I didn't realize how stuck I was until I could start going out again! We have been going and taking care of my Grandpa on Tuesdays every week for about a month and a half now. It's a very bittersweet thing. I love being able to spend time with my Grandpa, visiting and seeing him. It's great for the babies to see him too. But it's so hard to see that he's given up on life. There is no joy or hope or happiness for anything. He just sits and stares all day, doesn't like to do too much visiting. Won't eat, drink or do anything of any kind. It's so hard to watch. He used to be so full of life, loved parties and family get togthers. It's amazing to see how much he loved my Grandma, that makes me smile. But it's so sad to see it tear at him to the point that he has given up on life. But for now, I just try to focus on the good things and soak up the time that I have been given! And I do look forward to going and helping and showing him how much we love him! My mom helps me out (thank goodness!!!) and usally takes two babies to hang out with her and my Dad and leaves me with one. It's so nice to have that one on one time with each of them. I really feel like I miss out on that a lot so I really enjoy it. I think they like it too! Today was Blake's turn and we had a blast! He is such a funny kid! My Grandma Jones bought the babies a kid size park bench. It's SO cute! I love it. They think it's pretty fun too, I will have to post some pics of it. It will be so cute on the patio!!

Well it's time to gear up for the rest of the busy week!

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