Thursday, July 9, 2009

Teethers and Crawlers, OH MY!

Wow, these kids are growing up and changing WAY TOO FAST! I don't know waht to do with them! It's so exciting to see them learn to do and discover new things but it's so hard to not have my babies too! They are changing every day now it seems like. Something new happens every day! It's so cute! :) They are laughing and talking and playing with each other! They also have started to fight little baby fights. :) You know, they only want the toy the other one has?! And Madison can be somewhat of a bully. :) We have a leap frog toy that they can stand up and play with. She only wants to play on the side one of the boys are playing on. She will pull them over if she has to to get that side! It's so funny - but of course we do tell her no and move her to the other side. :) They do play a lot together too though. They crawl on each other and laugh and play. It's so great to have little playmates. :)

Cameron has TWO teeth now! Well one is barley up and the other you can see but can't feel yet. So needless to say he has been VERY GRUMPY! Poor guy - I do feel sorry for them! It can't feel good! He is a crawling machine these days! He is all over the place and in to everything. He is working on the standing up part and is getting close. Far enough away to bonk his head a lot though. :)

Madison has one tooth and i am not sure if she is working on another one or not. She crawls around like nobodys buisness! She can stand up with anything. She has decided it's a fun game to stand on top of the walker. You can imagine how that turns out! Not good - she is not as steady and strong as she thinks she is!

Blake I am not sure about in the teeth departement. He has been SO whiney and clingy these last few days that it wouldn't surprise me in the least. He is still learning this whole crawling thing. He can go in a circle REALLY good! I think he thinks he's crawling cause he smiles and laughs and looks so proud of himself. :) He can stand in his crib but that's all so far. He is getting there though!

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