Sunday, July 26, 2009

10 Months - Where did it go???

Cameron is getting SO big and funny! He is pretty much happy all the time. He went through a crancky patch while he was really teething but for the most part is just a happy guy! He has always kinda liked sucking his thumb, but lately his newest thing is loving to suck it with a bib! It's so funny! Blankets or clothes will work if he's in a bind but his bib is what does it! No bib in particular just so long as it's a bib. It cracks me up! He can be crying and very upset but as soon as you hook the bib around his neck he grabs it and starts sucking his thumb and life is good! He does it when he's happy too - doesn't really matter the mood! I love it! :) He is crawling everywhere, only army style though. He will not get up on his hands and knees. He is getting really good and sturdy at standing himself up too. And man is he chunkin up! He's a big boy! Rolly polly legs that go on for miles! SO cute! (he'll love this post when he's a teenager! ) He probably weighs around 18 lbs but it's been a few months since we have been able to get him weighed. He LOVES water and has loved the new little pool we got! Eating is about the same as last month - continues to love pretty much anything anytime! He sleeps great at night not as well during naps. He's usually happy though so I think he operates off of little sleep! He talks and laughs all the time! He's growing and doing great! Love this kid!!!

Blake has just blossomed the last few months! He still is a quiet studier a lot, especially of new things. But now he is such a happy, giggly talker and laugher! He is such a happy guy! He has been fussier lately but I think he must be teething. I haven't seen any teeth come through yet but I think they will any day now.... Blake is getting around now too! He has the funniest crawl I have ever seen! He leaves his left leg tucked under at all times (it's the leg he tucks to sit - so he is ready at a moments notice!) It's really jerky too one arm goes way in the air and then the other. Definately not one flowing motion! It's so cute! He has always been up on his hands and knees though, he has never tried the army crawl. He goes SO fast and says oh oh oh oh the whole time. He is learning to pull himself up on things. When he falls though he knows how to tuck and roll - which is nice since the other two dont! :) He is so long and lean! This boy is all muscle and not an ounce of fat on him. He is very tall too. The difference in the boys is amazing! Blake is probably around 18lbs as well. He is doing better with his solids and seems to enjoy trying new adult food off my plate. It is a funny picture when I have all three at my feet or hanging on to me begging for food! Or to be picked up, sometimes it's funny sometimes I don't know what to do with all of them. It's a lot of babies! But all in all Blake is just doing wonderful and I sure love him!(Here is the pic of the way he crawls - it looks like he is stopping or getting ready to sit but he's nothe's crawling!)

And there is Madison! Our little ball of fire! She is a girl through ang through! Some days she is so happy and loving life and some days she is so cranky and letting you know life is not great right now. :) Hmm....sounds kinda like a girl doesn't it???? She has two teeth now, on the bottom. Teething time was not a happy time for her but we are in a break period right now and things are better. :) She is a master crawler! She is everywhere and into everything. The bathroom, more specifically the toilette is her favorite place to be. To stand on, to suck on you know the fun stuff. Of course, I don't allow that (just in case you were wondering) but if I happen to forget to close the bathroom door and turn my back in she goes! She can pull herself up on anything anywhere. She is also getting to be pretty clingy to mom. She wants to be everywhere I am and does not like it a lot of times if I pass her off. Sometimes it doesn't matter it's that depending mood thing! Her newest thing is pulling as much dirty laundry as she can reach from the hamper by her bed into her crib! She thinks that is a fun game! :) She is still pretty tiny, probably 14-15lbs and in 6 month clothes. She still doesn't like to eat much so it's a lot of force feeding at most meals. We learned that she DOES like to swim as long as the water is the perfect temperature. It needs to sit in the sun for at least 2 hours before it is acceptable to her delicate taste! Haha, she makes me laugh! What a girl, I am excited to see what she grows up to be and what God will do in her life! I love her lots and lots! (below is her crib with her dirty spit up filled laundry!)

As for me - I am loving my kids and my life. Some days I would have a harder time saying that, they are teaching me SO much about patience and unconditional love! I am learning daily that I am not perfect and seeing first hand the example of Christ's continual love for me - no matter my attitude or mood! I do have to say, I always thought I was a pretty patient person. I guess that's why God gives us kids, to make sure we are staying humble! :) It's pretty stressful somedays taking care of three babies, but such a blessing. I still sit in wonder at the fact that I have triplets - healthy, happy, growing triplets! WOW! God is so good. I still can't believe that it's real and happening to me - but so grateful it is! Just enjoying everyday cause in two months they will be 1 year old!!! How did that happen?????

(Since crawling started it's getting harder and harder to get a group shot!!)

(Fun swimming with cousin Brogan)

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