Thursday, July 16, 2009

Our Special Dedication

We had the babies, and really us, dedicated on July 5th. My Dad did the dedication which was so special to me! He is such an encouragement and always knows what to say! He also made it pretty funny, of course! That's what he does best! Curt and Pastor Jodi prayed over all of us at the end. It was special to have Curt involved also!! The dedication was so encouraging just to know how many people are there to help, love and hold us accountable. Our church family is so special and so close! It was a little scary too - there is such a responsibility as a parent. To raise them right and most importantly for the Lord. To teach and make sure they know. WOW - it freaks me out. But I know that the Lord will show us and teach us how to live and lead. So as long as we are following God the way we should be, our kids will know.
Also, a little side note - the dress that Madison is wearing my Grandma Martindale picked out. She bought 14 years ago for a very very good friend of the family that had a little daughter. She bought it for her. Debbie had kept it all these years and thought since Grandma wasn't around to buy Madi dresses (cause you know she would have SHOWERED her with dresses) that I would like to have it. SO special! I can't even tell you! So that is the special meaning to Madi's dress!

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