Friday, June 26, 2009

HAPPY (belated) Father's Day!

I am SO behind on my posts - especially on this all important one! :( But I suppose it is better late than never! :)

First to my WONDERFULLY AMAZING husband! Jason is such an incredible Dad! I love watching him with his babies. He is a natural! You know how the Mom is supposed to have that feeling, the just know what to do kind of feeling? Well, in our house, Jason has it! I am usally the ONE asking HIM "what should we/I do??" Sometimes that bothers me, however most of the time I step back and think how amazing it is that I have a husband that is that apart of our babies lives. He knows their in's and out's just as well as I do! Isn't that great? From the very beginning he was 100% there, helping and managing. He has stayed with them by himself four the entire day since they were newborns (well, since they came home at a month ) He makes their bottles, changes diapers, feeds, plays and so much more! The only thing he doesn't do is put jammies on them. From the beginning, he has never dressed them. He says they like being "free" - so if Daddy puts them to bed they wear a onsie from the day or some other funny combo so long as he doesn't have to put them in the pajamas! :) It's pretty funny! He also is so thoughtful about me! He is like a mother hen, making sure I get plenty of rest and relaxing time! Even after he get's home from a 10 hour work day in the freezing cold or scorching heat. I am so glad he is my husband and the father to my kids!!! LOVE YOU BABE!!!

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful Dad myself! Growing up I can't remeber a time that I ever thought "I wish I had so and so's Dad" I always thought "Man, I am so lucky to have such a great Dad!" He has always been there for me! Always spending time with us. One thing that always meant the most to me is how important any sports event (or any kind of event) were to him. It didn't matter what was going on for him - he was there. And he always had a pen and paper to take my stats for me! I LOVED that! He would always tell me all about it after that game. It was never that I didn't do good enough or that I needed to work on something. It was always how good I did! I loved just sitting with my Dad. He is not always big on talking but was always ready for me come cuddle with him (even now!) He always is so concerned for me and if I am happy and doing ok. Always making sure that my family is safe and happy. And what a Grandpa is! WOW! I am so blessed to have such a guy for my kids to grow up with! It's going to be fun! :) And one of the most important things my Dad showed me was to love and serve my Savior! Dad I love you more than you will ever know! THANKS SO MUCH!!

I have also been blessed to have a great Father-in-Law. Curt is such a special guy! He has always been so accepting of me and treats me just like I'm part of his family. He is always ready with a hug and so excited to see us! He has always been a great Dad to Jason and I am so thankful for the loving, godly example he is to him. I am so grateful that Jason was raised in a christian loving home. Curt is also a WONDERFUL Grandpa!! He is always so full of energy and love for his grandkids! He is always doing something with them, 4wheeler ride, fishing, wrestling throwing the football. Thanks Curt for all you do for your family!


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Mrs. MK said...

Great post, Tasha!!

We are so blessed by all the wonderful fathers in our lives, huh??!!