Friday, June 26, 2009

9 Months

My babies are 9 MONTHS OLD! I can't even believe it, in 3 short months they will be a year old? How in the world does that happen???? As much as I miss my teeny tiny little babies, they are getting to be SO much fun! (And A LOT of work!) :) They are just full of life and curiosity these days. It's been so much fun to watch them grow into their little personalities and to learn and discover new things. What an amazing blessing these babies are to me! I still can't even believe they are mine, here, healthy and thriving. And though so far it has been a rollercoaster ride, with ups and downs, and lots of exciting and hard times we are SO THANKFUL FOR Cameron, Blake and Madison. God has been so good to us! Well let's get to updating....

Cameron continues to be the ham and life of the party! He is SO funny! Pretty much always laughing and giggling and doing something really goofy! He is going to keep us laughing I can tell! :) As you can see he is sitting up very well these days. It's just been a few weeks that all the sudden - he wasn't falling over anymore. It's weird how quickly it just changes. He is moving all over, getting up on his hands and knees and rocking back and forth. He hasn't learned to crawl and take off yet but I can tell it's coming any day. He also has learned how to pull down his bumper around the crib so he can look out and see what's going on. He hollers at me in the morning for me to come and get him. :) He is probably weighing in around 17-18lbs now. He is a CHUNK! It's so cute, he has fat rolls that go on for miles! :) He is still eating every 3-4 hours but we have switched out 2 bottle feedings for solid foods. He LOVE LOVES his food! He would eat all day if I would sit and feed him. We just broke out some cheerios for the first time too for them to start practicing. We also started on sippy cups. We only do water right now as they are still learning and most of it ends up in them! :) Cameron is growing up so fast! He is so fun and so healthy! We love him and are so thankful for hiM!!! Oh, and Cameron can say dadadada, mamama, babababa and lots of other shrieks and screams!

Blake has really started changing in the last couple months. He used to be our quite totally serious little boy. He has started to just laugh and talk all day long! I love it! He says dadadad, mamama (new this week!) and lots of other rambles. He is still the more cautious study you kind of guy but his smiles and flirting come out pretty quick now. Blake is pretty laid back most of the time. When he does get upset I think he has it all saved up from being so chill all the time and it comes out hard! But they are few and far between usally. Blake is a great sitter! He has been very sturdy at sitting for quite a while now. He could just hang all day. He hates to lay down, when I lay him on his back he keeps his head up to his chest just as long as he can handle it. It's so cute! He hasn't moved into the crawling stage yet, he's cool to just hang out where we put him. He walks(with assistance) very well though. If you help him he just takes off in a run. He is also good a walking around in the walker. He does roll around quite a bit on the floor and will figure the rest out in his own time! He also eats every 3-4 hours with solids for two of the feedings. He is not impressed with solid foods. I usally have to finish him off with a bottle or he would starve. He is getting better and would eat bananas all day. That's about all he likes. He does like to chew and teething biscuits, just none of that nasty looking stuff no one in their right mind would eat! :) He knows-he's smart! :) He is SO lean and tall! He is also probably 17-18lbs but doesn't have an inch of fat on him! He is doing so good and we are so proud of him. So awesome to have this boy in our lives!

And there is Madison - the fiesty full of life little girl that is going to keep us hopping for the rest of our lives! Are we ready for this????? I hope so! :) She is something else this girl! She is so full of life and energy! She is sitting, crawling, pulling herself up on anything and everything! You name it, she's got it down! She is still in the army crawl phase but has mastered that and is everywhere. She thinks now that she can get to me she should have me, every second of the day! If not, she cries and whines until I do pick her up! Part of that could be cause she has a headache from the thousands of time she falls on her head in a day! I can not keep her from standing and crawling up on things. And no matter how much padding a try and race around to keep near her - she misses it when she falls. So, every couple minutes these days I hear a lound BONK Madison cries, I comfort and she does the same thing all over again! LOVE this girl! I am so proud of her (and she is proud of herself!) She is going through quite the whiney phase I hope ends soon! :) She eats the same as the boys and does pretty well with the food. Most of the time she likes it and chows down. Grammy gave her her first cheerios and she LOVES them! They keep her entertained for hours! She is still only around 14 lbs and in 6month clothes. She can only fit in to newborn size shoes still......She is a small little lady! She is so fun to watch and play with! What a blessing she is!
They were so done with my photo shoot! :)

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I have the cutest nephews and niece in the whole wide world! You're not so bad yourself :)