Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Look Who's Crawling!

It's Madison! YEA! :) Last week Madi started to crawl, so exciting! She is still mostly doing the army crawl but get's up on her hands and knees occasionally. She get's pretty frustrated that she is not getting places fast enough. SO, we have been having a lot of whining and gumpiness this week! I thought crawling would make her happier - but she is a girl! (As Jason would so lovingly say!) She is such a show off that just learning to crawl in one week was not enough, last Thursday she learned to stand in her crib and hours after that on anything she can get a hold a of! I was SO surprised the first time I found her in her crib. She was ready to get up and had been fussing and talking in there. So I rounded the corner expecting to see her peeking out at me from the lower portion of her crib, instead she was standing there grinning looking quite proud of herself! Since then she climbs up on ANYTHING and promplty falls over and hits her head, cries and starts the same process all over again ALL DAY LONG! She is one fiesty wonderlful little girl who is going to keep her mama on her feet!

Look! I can crawl!!

She LOVES standing on this toy!

To my great surprise!!!

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