Tuesday, March 31, 2009

6 Months

6 months! I can't believe these guys are already half a year old! WOW!! These have been the most wonderful (and challenging!) months of our lives. We are so thankful and blessed for the opportunity God as given us.

Cameron is such a joy! This last month he has just grown up so much! He has discovered his voice and uses it often! :) He like to scream and laugh and smile! He doesn't smile and laugh quite as much as he used to but it's still our happy little guy. He is working on sitting up by himself. He can hold himself for a few seconds. LOVES to play with his toys. Loves sitting up in the walker. Started eating some solid foods. We have tried carrots and green beans so far. He can roll if he wants but still is not fond of his belly so usally stays on his backs! :)He is wearing 6 month clothes and size 3 diapers. (although the three's are a little big still) He LOVES his bath time, which is so fun. He love love loves sucking his thumb and bib. They all spit up like crazy so they are always wearing bibs - which is why that is what he sucks on! :) He can hold chew toys in his mouth for a little while but then drops them and hasn't quite figured out how to get them back!

Cam just born - 3lbs 6oz Cam 6 months - 13lbs

Blake, our little sweetheart! He is such a quite sweet little man! He has started to talk and smile a lot more. It has been fun to watch him come out of himself a little bit! He rolled over for the first time this month! Yea, he's only done it twice but is just quite content to sit and kick! He is SO funny in the bathtub! He NEVER smiles, and I can't tell if he is scared or what. But he kicks and wiggles and splashes. It's close to impossible to get him washed! :) He also has started to move around in his walker. I am not sure it's on purpose but he's learning non the less! He has also started to eat solids and is still deciding if he likes it or not. He is in 9 to 12 month clothes just depending on the brand and is also in size 3 diapers. We love this kid so much! He is so sweet and wonderful and I think it will be wonderful watching him grow up. :)

Blake just born - 3lbs 15oz Blake - 6 Months old 14lbs

Madison is a sweet, funny little girl! She is loud and loves to laugh! She is starting to mellow out in the temper department! Although she can still throw her temper tantrums and arch her back like no bodys buisness! :) Right now, it's kinda funny, later in life....... We will have to be working on it! She is SO amazing at grabing her toys. She is very coordinated! She can grab anything and it goes right into her mouth. She is finally growing a bit but is still tiny! She just hit a little over 11 lbs. She is in 3 month clothing sometime 3to6 months. She is still in size 1 / 2 diapers. She is also doing really well with her solid foods. She really likes them and is also the cleanest! She is such a wonderful joy! She is going to be a fun feisty little girl! We love her!!

Madi just born - 3lbs 1/2 oz Madi 6 months - 11lbs

We thank the Lord for these amazing blessings!!! We love all three of you more than we can tell you!!

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