Sunday, March 8, 2009

It's Always Fun When....

Grandpa and Grami are here!

Jason has been out of town for the last week so my Mom came over to let me go to church this morning and she babysat the kiddos. She even gave them their baths for me, which was a nice for me to come home to! Church was wonderful, so nice to be able to go! And, so convicting!

We came home from church and we all hung out for a little while. It is so fun to see my parents with my babies! They are such amazing Grandparents and just love these babies so much!! We had a lot of fun and the babies were definately being charmers. :)

I got a video of of my Dad trying to get Madison so smile or laugh (it was naptime so she wasn't! :)So he started singing just about every oldies song he could think of. This one was Shantili Lace (I don't think I spelled it right...) I am having trouble loading this video so I will work on it cause it is way cute!

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