Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Day in the Life

Of triplets!!

I thought I should document the amount of stuff we go through in a day, week and month with these triplets. It's pretty crazy. It thought about trying to get pictures of all this stuff piled up but I didn't, maybe later..... Anyway here are the stats

18 Bottles per day
45 oz Milk per day
24 Diapers per day
2 Loads of laundry

126 Bottles per week
315 Oz of milk per week
168 Diapers per week
One big super sized Costco can of formula per week
14 Baby loads of laundry per week

504 Bottles per month
1260 Oz of milk per month
672 Diapers per month
4 Big super sized Costco can of formula per month
56 Baby loads of laundry per month

1 comment:

Andy, Nellie, Emma and Livy Coleman said...

This is crazy!! I'd love to show this to my friends that all say "Oh I want twins/triplets so bad!" It's a lot of work too....You're amazing Tash.