Monday, March 23, 2009

What a week!

*Disclaimer-I thought that I should not only document the good, but also the bad and the ugly!*

I think this past week is up there for me as one of the hardest, longest weeks of my life! There were quite a few times I didn't think I was going to make it until Jason came home! I don't know how all the army wifes survive without their husbands!!! We had a lot (I mean a lot) of tears, prayers, breakdowns, calling Jason and my Mom, and visits from Grandma and Grandpa rushing over to save me. I don't know if we are ALL teething, sick, going through a stage or a combination of all the above but it has been rough! If they were not eating or sleeping (naps were non existatent) they were crying and screaming. If I held them, most of the time that made the difference. But that is also a problem since I have triplets and can only hold two in any sort of comforting manner at a time. as probably any mom can attest, it is the hardest thing in the world to not be able to "make it all better" or be capable of comforting everyone that needs it! I am so blessed to have some very faithful helpers in my life right now! People that check in on me and will come over at a moments notice! Thanks!! I would be lost without you! So we did make it through and now Daddy is home so everything is better! I wanted to write about this not to complaine but to remember. I know one day I will look back and read about this week and smile. : ) Remembering how hard it can be or thinking "that was way easier than having teenagers!" :) This blog is for remembering and as we all know life isn't always happy posts! There are some rough ones in there too!
On another note I have some catching up to do on some of the "good stuff":

This was our first EVER walk! They loved it!

Our Little Basketball player to be!

Three little heads!

Our lifesaver the Podee bottle!!

Our kids do not know how to properly sleep in their cribs
Madison LOVED it outside!

Madison LOVED it, Cameron was sick and Blake was just not sure! :)


Andy, Nellie, Emma and Livy Coleman said...

Oh man, I feel for you. So glad hubby is back's amazing how their presence alone makes you feel like you can deal with anything again. What fun pictures.

Karli said...

sorry about the rough week! Let me know when & if I can help and when you can get together. HOpefully it just keeps getting warmer! Love you!