Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A little of this, a little of that

It's time to play catch up again! I don't know where the time goes to! Well, actually I do - three little babies. I used to wonder if when I was a stay at hom mom if I would get bored....

Friday Jason and I got to go out to his Christmas Party for work. That was fun to get out and spend some time together. The food was very yummy too!! Prime rib dinner, you can't beat that!

Saturday I got to go to a Christmas Tea with my Mom, sister and all my cousins and aunts. Aunt Celeste decorated a table in memory of my Grandma and used all her Christmas decorations for the table. It turned out so nice! It's the start of a new tradition. After the tea we went and walked around the mall like we usally did with Grandma. That was fun, although the mall was very busy! It's that time of year I guess. I was able to get some Christmas shopping out of the way and I found some really good deals! I LOVE finding good sales! Jason stayed home ALL day with the babies so I could go and have some fun. He's such an amazing guy!

The babies got stuffy noses last week. We were really worried that it was going to turn into a cold or worse but it didn't! Praise the Lord!! They are doing much better now! They are getting SO big! I don't know what I am going to do with them! I miss those tiny little 3 pounders! But this stage is fun too! They are getting so much more alert and acting like babies. Since they were preemies it has taken them a while to get to the point where they are starting to interact with you. I got my first real smile out of Cameron today! That was So fun! Of course, he won't do it very often only when he feels like it. :) Madison is our sensitive little girl! She has such sensitive skin! She get's the worst diaper rashes and now has something called sebia (sp???) on her face. It's just a skin irritation but looks terrible. Her face is all red and bumpy and her eye was swollen! We got some medicine for it and it is looking much better! Blake is just truckin along and getting big!! He's about 9 1/2 pounds now and growing! He's such a quite little guy!!

We are looking forward to Christmas with these babies! The house is all decorated and hopefully this week we will do some baking! :) Saturday we have our first family pictures. I am very excited for that!

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Karli said...

Would Thursday night work for pictures? I saw you said Saturday on here, is that me or someone else? I think Saturday might work too, but I'd maybe have to bring Grayson. If Thursday night works, let me know in e-mail or call and what time is best. Those babies are beautiful and so are you! Love you!