Saturday, December 27, 2008

Three Months!

I can't believe we have had our little babies for three months now! They are growing and changing so much so quickly! It's such a bitter sweet time! I love seeing them grow and change but at the same time I hate to see them grow up and not be my tiny little babies! We have been loving this experience! And it has been an experience!

He is such a fun baby! He has always been our alert kiddo. The last couple weeks though he has really taken off! He is wide awake all the time, he barley naps these days. He is happy though when he is awake, just looking and taking everything in. He smiled for the first time two weeks ago and has not stopped since. He is starting to coo and talk - and just grins all the time. The only time he is cranky is when he is hungry. He goes from sleeping to screaming in seconds! And every once in a while he just gets very upset and screams for quite a while. But those times are few and far between. He is up to about ten pounds now and eating 3 1/2 ounces every 3 hours. He is still spits up pretty bad! He has episodes about once a day where it comes out his nose and he's choking and panicking and not breathing. Very scary! So hopefully he outgrows that soon! He is sleeping about 5 hours a night now which is wonderful. We are having so much fun with our happy little boy! I think he is going to be the clown of the family!

Blake is such a serious little boy! He just sits and studies you with his big brown eyes. He is such a little - big - cutie! It is hard to describe Blake, I think he is going to be a very sweet boy! He could sit for hours and just stare at you and take in everything around him, all without ever blinking! :) He did start smiling for the first time on Friday! I think he likes it cause he's starting to give them out pretty freely! I love it! Today he starting a little cooing and talking also. He is a big boy! I think he is going to be a pretty stalky guy! He is weighing around 11 lbs and eating about 5 oz! We had to break out the big bottles for him. Thankfully, Blake doesn't spit up like the other two! But when he does every great while he let's you know! It makes him SO mad when he spits up at all, it's kinda cute! :) Blake also loves to cuddle! He hangs on tight whenever you pick him up. I hope that sticks around! Blake brings so much joy to us, I am so thankful for him!

She is a sweetheart! She is starting to be more alert these days too! She stays awake and happy for quite a while. She sits and looks around with the most beautiful big roiund blue eyes! So pretty! She has started to give us a few smiles-although they are still rare. When we get them they are so sweet! She is staying fairly petite at about 8 lbs but still eats as much as the boys! She does have the scary spitting up episodes like Cam so hopefully they both grow out of those soon! She is also sleeping about 5 hour syretches through the night. It's so fun to have her! It's been fun to have a little girl around - we just love her to death!

They are growing up so fast! But we are so thankful the Lord has blessed us with these precious children. I am amazed at how special and wonderful they are and that they are mine! WOW! It's so easy to get caught up in the business and how tired I am and forget to just cherish each moment. But that is a good leesson to learn in most areas of our life!

Pictures to come! Right now I get to go to church so I better scoot!

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