Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

What a special day! We are so blessed!! Our Christmas was quite different for us this year - but wonderful all the same! I did miss the family get togethers and annual traditions, but it was so special to celebrate with my hubby and three babies! Who knew that is what would be this Christmas!?!?

We were still able to have the family over. My family came over a couple weeks ago for yummy party snacks and Christmas movies! We had such a fun time! However, Jason had to work an eight day work week and I was absolutely exhausted from from taking care of the babies. So - the party went on without the host and hostess! :) Jason went to bed really early and I followed about an hour later! The rest of the family stayed up and partied! And when I got - the house was all cleaned! You can't beat that! I was sad to go to bed but I couldn't stay up much longer. It's so wonderful to have such and understanding and helpful family. It was a fun memorable night anyway - we will always look back and remember what it was like that first wonderful Christmas with triplets! :)

Christmas Eve was nice a restfull for us. We wrapped a few presents, put on our Christmas Eve jammies, fed babies, watched Fred Claus and had macaroni and cheese for dinner! What a feast! It was a great day, one to be remembered!

Christmas Day was a very busy day! Aunt Boo stayed the night and spent the morning with us. Brian, Sheila and Brogan came over to help with a morning feeding and have breaksfast with us. My family all came on their way to the big Martindale shin dig in Boise and spent some time with the us and the McKinneys came bearing gifts in the afternoon! The rest of the day we spent together opening presents and enjoying our time together!

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