Friday, December 14, 2012


We have had so much fun having our friends and family come and spend time with us in our new home! Kristen and Sage have come a couple times and spent the weekend. Kristen has also come during the week to hang with me which I love! My Mom and Dad have been a few times. Brian and Sheila have come a few times. Aunt Boo made a quick visit and Mike and Katie spent a weekend. Whew....It's been busy! But I wouldn't have it any other way.
Sheila and Jamie have driven up for the day a few times. The kids discovered Polly Pockets on one visit. The boys really loved them! I saved those from when I was a kid, just in case I had a girl! It's so great having them up - just like our mornings drinking coffee!
Briscoe thought this was a great place to stop and rest! 
 The kids played outside forever. The (junk) hill in our backyard serves as a wonderful jungle gym the keeps the kids busy for hours. It's great! I love that my kids have such great friends already. They miss them so much and are always asking when we get to play again!

 Mom and Dad wanted to come to town to watch a basketball game and decided to spend some extra time with us! Jason and even got a date night - which a few and far between these days. We met for pizza in McCall and my parents took the kids to the bball game with them. The kids love to watch and cheer at the games. And of course my parents love to show them off. Jason and walked around the lake by moonlight (ohh-la-la), stopped to get me some dessert (Jason makes me eat alone!) and then headed home to watch a movie together. It was very nice!
Mom and Dad spent the morning with me and the kids. Mom helped me frost cookies with the kids to share with some friends. WHAT a mess! Whew! That's ok though, Christmas memories are so important!

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