Thursday, November 29, 2012

Our daily life

We have enjoyed lots of friends coming up and staying with us. I have been loving the visits! I so look forward to them! The kids do too! They have missed their friends so much. It's been a bit lonely for all of us I think. 
Jason is pretty much the master chef around here. He has always like to cook, bbq, smoke and just make plain delicious meals. We LOVE his love for cooking! :) Since we have moved up here he has cooked even more. Why??? Because he is actually IN the same town as us AND we don't have a house to remodel! We have been LOVING the finshed house that requires no work. I think we are sold on that type of house. We had a family this week and Jason showed us how to make his delicious cinnamon rolls. No, I have never made cinnamon rolls from scratch before. Terrible I know! They were good! Especially since we are about to go on a new healthy eating/serious workout plan. I savored every bite! :)
The kids are gun crazy. It's pretty much their favorite game! Espeically since I got them "sticky" bullets. They are suction bullets so they can shoot at the windows. They spend hours doing that! They can't wait to go hunting and shooting with Dad! I am so blessed by these kids!
Our new house has great windows. We all are thoroughly enjoying it! The kids especially like them because they are low enough for the to look out of or on occasion stand on the window sill...

The kids were havning a very imaginative day. They got almost every small toy that have and lined them back to back in a line. They wound it all through the house. Of course, the day they decided to do that was while the cable guy was here and trying to work! Haha! 

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