Friday, December 14, 2012


I LOVE the Christmas season! I start looking forward to it in July. I love the focus it puts on Christ, I love the extra family time, traditions, snow, decorations! I love it all! It's been fun this year in McCall because the snow makes it so festive. And we have a lot of snow!
 The kids helped me decorate this year. They really had a lot of fun with that. I think I see relaxing and letting go of it looking perfect in my near future! :) There will be time for that though right??? For now I will soak up their 4 year old decorating style!
 I have been trying to be more fun with the kids. We came up with gingerbread and christmas tree pancakes. They kids thought that was pretty fun! They ask for them every day. Oh, and chocolate chips. They are pretty sure they should have chocolate chips every day too!

 We have been struggling with a lot of bickering these days. I suppose it's the age they are at. They are learning that they each have an opinion and thought on EVERYTHING. They also each think they are always right. It's something we are working on - kindness and love. Moments like this when they are hugging and loving on each other is very encouraging! They are sweet kids and it's good to remember that. They are very good at checking on one another when they are hurt. They like to hug each other and have the cutest conversations!

 Guns are still an obsession around here. Cam loves them the most but they all three spend hours shooting at my big picture window. They shoot it with bullets that have suction on them that the kids lick first so they stick better. My window our filthy! :) They set up wooden blocks to knock over too. I love their imaginations.

 The kids are getting so big! They LOVE to help right now. Madison is the biggest helper. She is constantly by my side asking what she can do next. I love that she wants to be apart of everything. It's good for me to let her help and not just do it myself because it's easier. They beg to help me bake things. They helped me make some yummy candy cane cookies to share with some of our friends for Christmas.
 The kids had an especially naughty play time....
 This year we did Advent every night with the kids. We all really looked forward to it and enjoyed the family time. Each night one kid got to light and blow out the candle. A major highlight for the kids. They are learning so much and love to learn. I love that they are soaking Jesus! They love the Bible and praying. They have tender little hearts - a big responsibility!
Madison is such a character. She is such an attitude! Sometimes a funny one, sometimes sweet and somtimes like a moody teenager! Ha! I found her on my bed, everything propped up just so, legs crossed and reading a magazine. "Mom, I needed to be in here to read my magazine."

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