Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Another wonderful Christmas season! We had a busy one this year - well busier than normal! Since we now live a couple hours away it completely changes how we do things. This year we traveled down on Christmas Eve to make it to the McKinney family gathering. It was wonderful as usual - lots of yummy food and visiting! We stayed with my parent which was so special for everyone. We got up Christmas morning and had breakfast. Kristen and Sage surprised us and came for breakfast too! We missed Bianca and Silas very much this year! But I guess we have to share with Silas' family too!
It was so fun to spend it all together! We did our traditional reading of the Christmas story first to make sure our focus is in the right spot! Then enjoyed giving and opening our gifts. We all got ready (amazingly enough!) and headed to see Pop-pop, Great Grandma and Aunt Jean. Then it was off to the big, annual Martindale gathering. I look forward to that every year. We headed back to Donnelly after that (in a snow storm) to get ready for our own Christmas!
 Jason was able to have the day after Christmas off and we did our own Christmas that day. It was nice to just relax and have a nice family day.

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