Friday, February 1, 2013

January & February 2013

We have been enjoying winter up here. Yes, it's cold and there's so much snow. The kids have had a blast. Lots of 4wheeling in the snow. Lots of sledding and ice fishing. Jason has found his new hobby of ice fishing. He loves it. I'm not so impressed. It's mostly cold and not a whole lot of action. I may just be too impatient.
 We've enjoyed having our family and friends come and visit too. Mom and Dad came for a couple days and Dad even braved the 14 degree weather to sled with his grandkids.

 I love that the kids are learning all sorts of new things. They very much enjoy ice fishing with Dad. They are great helpers too. They watch the poles for bites and clean out the holes when the water starts freezing over. They love that job. Thankfully the holes are small because Blake fell in one on one of our trips. Only one leg fit through the hole which was so good. That could have been very scary.

 Some days I feel like the kids never get along. Days like today when they are playing, hugging and feeding each other ice chunks makes my heart so happy. The boys sat outside for about a half hour feeding each other ice and laughing. It was pretty much the cutest thing I have seen. They love the snow and ice. Doesn't matter how cold it is they are out enjoying it. They say the want snow always!

 The kids have been pretty sick but seemed to be getting better so we decided to make some Valentine treats. The kids love to help in the kitchen. I need to let them help more. It's just somewhat exhausting for Mom... Ha... I am working on that. They were great helps though this time and so excited to make something for all their favorite people. We also heart shaped pizza in honor of Valentines Day. What a fun day! Other than the kids, mostly Blake and Madison went downhill pretty fast. Poor kiddos!

 Some of our favorite people came to visit us for the weekend! YEA! We had so much fun visiting and letting the kids play. They are such good buddies. It's been hard being away from everyone but it sure has been fun to have the overnight company. And then I get to completely hog Branson and hold him the whole time. LOVE that!

 Blake and Madison really weren't doing well. They both had really high fevers that I couldn't break. They seemed to just get worse and worse. So we set up some movie time in my bed so they could still hang out but get some rest. Sheila and I ended up taking Blake and Madison to the ER because I was starting to worry about them. And sure enough they both had double ear infections and RSV. RSV has always been a scary one in our house because of the kiddos being preemies. It's awesome to see God work though. They are finally old enough and healthy enough on the inside that it's just a nasty infection and not life threatening anymore. They did talk about admitting them to the hospital but breathing treatments brought their breathing under control. Since we already have the equipment for all Cams issues they said we could do them at home and skip the hospital stay. Praise God. We also praised God for protecting little Branson from the RSV. They were totally exposed to it and it's never good for any baby to get.

 Aunt Boo also made her first visit up. We have missed her so much! She always stayed with us and we used to get in a lot of time and visiting. We had to cut the trip short because of the snow storm she needed to beat out but we enjoyed the time we had.

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