Saturday, February 25, 2012

True Love

9 years of being married to this hottie! 9 years makes me feel a little old...I am pretty sure I can't be old enough to be married that long. Haha...I am so thankful for this man God brought into my life. Can't imagine going through life with anyone else!
Jason is one of the most giving, selfless people I know. He is forever taking care of me and always putting my needs first. We have definately had some hard years, some crazy, some really fun, some sad, some filled with finding out we're expecting triplets, having preemie triplets, raising triplets (haha you get the point) He's always there, always loving and giving.
We had a wonderful weekend away in Boise. Got a great room-a suite-at our favorite place to stay. Lots of eating out at delicious restaurants, shopping, furniture shopping, watching movies, getting dessert crepes and even some working out. Lots of relaxing and hanging out which was really needed! My parents were very sweet to watch the kids for us and sounded like they all had a blast! They sure do love it there which is a blessing for me. All in all a great weekend, thankful we were able to get away! Happy Anniversary Babe! I sure love you!

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