Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sick, sick, sick...

This has been quite the week around here - we got hit hard with sickness! Last Wednesday the kids woke up with stuffy noses and went south from there. By that evening Blake was running a fever of 104.5 (way to high for my taste!) We were able to get it down a little but he continued it through the night. By morning though he was fine - was his normal happy self. Weird. Madison was definately the worst, she didn't sleep most of the night and was really lathargic and whiney. She also started with an awful cough. Cam was also coughing and starting to show signs joinging the sick ranks. Mom came over to help me, she's a lifesaver! They were getting whineier (yep, that's a word! :)) and sicker. Cam was starting to wheeze and naps were non-existant because of the coughing. We decided to see Dr. John - who by the way is the MOST awesome Dr. ever! He wanted to see us so Mom and I packed up Cam and Madi and headed over. What a ride that was, the kids were so miserable so needless to say so was the car ride. Ohh, poor kiddos! Got there, Cam was having breathing issues again and needed steroids to treat it. He had and awful sore throat - Doc was convinced it was strep it looked so bad but it wasn't, swollen glands, yucky eyes, nose and cough. Poor kid! M had a double ear infection, awful cough, sore throat. So she got antibiotics and steroids to clean up her cough. He also thinks M has a touch of RSV that is causing it to take longer to pass. (side note - so thankful that we are past the stage where RSV was the scariest word I could ever hear! The Lord has brought us SO far!!)  Didn't ge home until about 10 and got them to bed for aother long night. So thankful for my moms help! It would have been really hard to handle by myself!  Blakes fever randomly spike up high to 104.8 this time. We were able to control it and it cleared up by morning again. Dr. just said to watch him and he seemed to be doing ok, no other symptoms. It's been slow healing for these kids, each day they seem to get a little better but a slow run. Yesterday (Monday) Blake started coughing and seems to be joing the ranks. He doesn't seem to be hit as hard so far, so I am praying he won't get it too bad! We had two good naps and the nights are slowly starting to get better and better. So I think we are the mend. I ended up getting sick too on Friday and was pretty sure I was going to die. It gave me a whole new outlook for those poor babies! Jason is starting to get it now too - so we are praying it passes quickly! It's been a tiring week to say the least. But in the middle of the sickness I did realize how grateful I am the I get to be the one to take care of them, that Jason is SO good at taking care of me and the kids and everything else and my for my Mom who is such an amazing friend/helper!

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