Thursday, February 23, 2012

Valentines Day Fun

We had a fun Valentines Day! The morning of we had some fun little surprises for the kids. They thought that was pretty fun! Jason and I had decided to go pretty small this year but we still got each other a little something special! :) I am pretty sweet on my Valentine, he's a pretty great guy!
We had a fun morning filled with games and treats - including heart shaped donuts and candy in our milk. Then we got ready for our party for lunch.

Grammy, Grandpa Randy, Pop pop, Great Grandma, Kristen and Jonah all came over for a special lunch. The kids had strabwerry milk and heart shaped sandwhiches. The adults had salad, fruit salad  and chicken salad sandwhiches. Lots of salad huh? Mom made a coconut cream pie that was DELICIOUS! Mmmm...

 It was a great day! We had a nice pulled pork dinner as a family and just chilled for the evening.
 Fun day with some special people!

 LOVE this baby! He's so sweet - makes our parties even more fun!

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