Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving! This year Kristen and Sage hosted since they had a new little one. They weren't quite ready to take him into a big crowd. Jason has a new found love of smoking meat. So he decided he wanted to smoke a turkey this year. It takes 6 hours to cook so we headed over pretty early. My mom and Dad took Cam and Madi until they headed over in the afternoon. Blake got to come with us and have some special 1 on 1 time!
 I had fun getting lots of baby cuddling time! Jonah is such a sweetie!
 Everyone else got arrived around 4 and we had a blast just visiting and hanging out. It was Jonahs first Thanksgiving and Bianca and Silas' first Thanksgiving too! Ahhh....glad they shared it with us!

Love that they are still so in love! :) Something else to be thankful for! 
 What a crew they have huh? What special Grandparents my kids are blessed with!

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving. Another wonderful year - full of a lot of blessings!

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