Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Day - Happy Birthday Jesus!

We had another blessed Christmas! I just love having littles to celebrate Christmas time with. It makes just that much more special! I sure love this little family I have!
 We woke up and had our milk and coffee first thing and then our tradition is stockings. I think stockings are my favoirte part! The kids were giddy!
 They were so helpful opening my stocking! They had gone with Daddy to the store to buy some things for my stocking and were so excited to show me.
 Our next tradition, as we did when I grew up, is to read the Christmas story. We are trying to keep the focus on the true meaning of Christmas and are always looking for ways to reinforce that with the kiddos!
 Our other surprise this fine Christmas morning was Cameron throwing up! Poor guy... We are not sure weather it was a quick flu bug or too much celebrating. Either way he threw up a couple times that morning in between presents. Sadly, we had to skip the Martindale family celebration. I was very sad to miss but we did have a nice,quiet family day which is always wonderful!
 Opening some fun gifts!
 Grammy, Grandpa, Jacob, Silas and Bianca all stopped by to say hi and Merry Christmas. We exchanged some gifts with them as well.

We had another wonderful Christmas season. SO thankful our Savior came and all he sacrificed for me! So thankful for the family I have to share this time with!
Merry Christmas!

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