Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Funny memories

 Cameron keeps us laughing, this kid talks like he's ten so he always has something to say. It's usually pretty funny too! :)

Last night he was talking to Jason and randomly came up with this, details and all, by himself: "Daddy we are going to spend the night at Sheila's house. I need to sleep by Brogan, but maybe we need to bring my bed because I need to sleep ther by Brogan.
Jason: "Where will me and mommy sleep?" Cam: "In Sheila's bed. But Sheila can't sleep there, cause there is not enough room." Jason: "Where will they sleep then?" Came: "Um....on the couch. And Blake can sleep with Briscoe." Hmmm...really planned out! He forgot about Madison though!

Jason has been teaching the kids how to be respectful when we hear the National Anthem. He's only shown them a couple times. Football was on the other night and I came into the room and found Cam standing with on hand on his hard and one behind his back. SO CUTE! I asked what he was doing and he said "Well I heard the song Mom!"
Cam is now into boxing/UFC fighing. The other day Cam was sitting in his chair when he suddenly jumped up arms swinging like a crazy person shouting to Jason "YOU WANT A PEICE OF ME????" and at the same time tripped and fell flat on his face! Oh dear, poor boy!

Cam is forever asking to cuddle, telling me he loves me SO much (and monkey, he always has to throw in that he loves monkey!) that he loves his Daddy and that he misses him when he's gone. Sure love this happy, go-lucky, always has a huge smile, knife fighting, UFC fighting boy!

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