Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Cameron is a wonderfully sweet kiddo! He is my easy going, ready to please, goofy little ham! He is forever making me laugh with the things he says. The other day we were talking about taking care of each other and that Daddy takes care of me. I asked Cam if he would take care of me when I was really old. He said "No, I will lock you up in a gate." Me: "Oh yea, would you feed me?" Cam: "Oh yea, I would give you dinner." Ok, then. I think he was just being funny, this kid would do anything for me! He is very tender hearted, very sensitive to correction and always ready to say sorry. He is very athletic. This kid can dribble and shoot like nobodys buisness. He can hit a ball being pitched to him and is getting pretty good at catching with his new mit. Loves to throw and play tackle football. His latest obsession are swords and knives. Since watching the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything and seeing their sword fights that is ALL he wants to do. He walks around all day with anything that can be used/resembles a knife BEGGING someone to sword fight with him. He was chasing kids around at Just Kiddin Around pleading with them to sword fight. The other kids weren't sure about that strange 3 year old. Love him! He is 31lbs and wearing 3T clothing and size 7 shoes. This kid puts down the food too - must be why he is growing so much! Cam is a pretty smart kiddo and learns fast. We have been working on verses this year and he can recite Ephesians 4:32 and Colossians 3:20 word for word. Loves to pray and I love to listen to all of them pray! He NEVER stops talking - from the minute he gets up to the minute he goes to sleep this kid is talking! :) Hmmm...who does he take after???? He likes to break out some moves too any time music is on, and he has some moves too! I wish I could bottle up all the voices and things he says and just keep him like this forever! He is a pretty big Mommies boy too. Whenever I leave he says "You are coming back???? You ALWAYS come back Mommy!" I had to start saying that over and over because they all 3 were heading into a stage of worrying if I would come home. They seem to be grasping it! He is forever saying he loves us. Getting to the point where he misses his Daddy a lot while he is gone! While he was sick a couple weeks ago he said "I want to talk to my Daddy!" Me: Daddy doesn't have his phone right now" Cam picks up fake phone: "I want to talk to my Daddy. Daddy, I'm sick. I don't feel good. I need you to come home to take care of me please!" Oh, broke my heart! I tried my best to make up for Daddy - he's a hard one to beat! Just enjoying every minute of my happy, funny, loving little guy!

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