Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Can't believe I forgot!!

Some of the most important part of Cameron and Blakes updates - they are both pretty much fully potty trained! I am so proud of them! We had been working on it for months with not a whole lot of success and we were all getting frustrated! So one day I just took offf the diapers and told 'em to keep 'em dry. They have done GREAT! We have only had a couple accidents, they've done great! I was told it was easier to go straight to underwear from diapers but I didn't make that jump to begin with. I would've with just one but 2 to 3 kids potty training all at once? No thank you on that mess. But they have doing great now! Blake runs up to me and says "I have a go hobby Mommy!" CUTE! Madison calls it a pobby. Love it! Cam has the right wording down and loves to get excited about whats going in the potty! Today it was "HOLY MOLY Mom, come look at this poop! It's HUGE!" Yes, that's my son! It is a big accomplishment though... :)

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