Thursday, November 3, 2011


Blakers Summer 2011
Our boy Blake! He is such a sweetheart! I love this little guy to death. He is growing up way too fast on me. He is into 3T clothes now, size 6 to 7 shoes, and weighs 29lbs. He is tall and SKINNY! :) He loves music (or cds as they call all music!) Is obessesed with my Moms IPad. The minute we walk into their house it's "I play ipad Gammy???" Of course my mom lets him! We bought them a little play laptop for their birthday. It's all about learning letters and numbers. He would sit and play it for hours if I let him. He is learning his letters....He enjoyed learning to play baseball with Daddy over the summer and got very good at hitting off the tee. He can ride his trike and his scooter and loves both. Being outside is one of his favorite things to do. He still speaks his own language that we don't fully understand but are learning. :) It's so cute, I think I will be sad when he speaks "english!" He has a very tender heart and is almost always willing to share with the other kids. He can recite 2 verses from memory all by himself! We have learned Colossions 3:20 and Ephesians 4:32. For the most part Blake is very easy going and obedient. He has a very stubborn streak but it only shows up every once in a while. Usuallly all it takes is a little talking and he does the right thing. I love his tender heart and I hope it sticks around! He tells me he is going to college soon, I am going to miss him! :) Blake is very particular about how he sleeps. He always has to hold his lion (Roar), his bunny (that's actually a dog) and piglet. His pillow is to be on one certain side propped up against the back of the bed just so. He like his blanket on upside down and wants to have the tag of the blanket easily accessable. He talks VERY animated which is so cute. It will be fun when we really know what he is saying! He is very good at taking care of me and giving me loves whenever I need it. The biggest news in Blakes life is that he is practically potty trained!'s been a long road that has frustrated me very much. I went the pull up route because, well because I am potty training 3 kids and did not want the mess. However, I think that'a what held us back. I decided 4 days ago to just put on undewear and he has been dry ever since. Not one accident. He tells me all day "I have to go hobby Mommy!" Stays dry through naps too! Still wet at night, but hey big progress was made! My mom put them to bed the first night that they wore underwear. She told them they had to take off the underwear for bed and put on a diaper. Blake got VERY upset. He said "Gammy!! I NEED to wear my unerwear!!!" She told him no but that he could wear them in the morning. He was still upset so she allowed him to take them to bed with him. So my dear boy cuddled with his underwear all night instead! Oh, that kid! SO cute! For some reason Brogan likes to call Blake, Blakey. Sometimes he likes it, sometimes he doesn't. He HATES it if Cam or Madison calls him Blakey. They have caught on to that too and do it to get a rise out of him. He always looks at me frustrated and says "I a boy mommy, I Blake!" I don't think any of them realize yet that you can have nicknames or multiple things that describe you. What a joy Blake is to us! Thankful for him. I can't believe he is 3 already!!

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