Monday, July 11, 2011

A couple funny things

I bought Madison her first pair of jelly shoes! Blast fromt the past right??? I LOVED jelly shoes when I was little. So I found a pair for $3.50 and decided Madison needed a pair. She thinks they are pretty cool too. Anyway, Cam saw them and said "Ohhh, new shoes!!" I said "Yep, these are sissys new jelly shoes." Cam - "Ahhhh, Sissy gets jello shoes, I want some jello shoes mommy!" He continues to call them jello shoes. I love it. I hope they don't ever grow up!

They have all three started to love brushing my hair. I know, free pampering and it keeps them happy. SCORE! Anyway, Madison has been the most in to it. She asks to get a brush and then comes and does my hair for me. The cutest part is when she brushes and brushes. Then she leans around me with a big grin on her face and says "Its pitty mommy!!" She is so very proud of herself when she makes it "pitty!"

Isn't funny to listen to your kids talk and realize the words you must use to much??? Apparently some of mine or probably and in a minute. Madison throws in a minute into almost every sentence, makes for some interesting conversations. Cam uses "proably" probably in every sentence. These kids sure are funny to listen to especially when they start conversing with each other. Sometimes it's understandable to an adult, sometimes not. They are getting pretty cute about talking abd deciding what to play together. With more playing together there is also a lot more fighting and learning to push each others buttons. {Sigh} But they are learning! They WILL love each other! :)

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