Friday, January 7, 2011

{Project 365} January 6th & 7th

SICK, SICK, SICK. That about sums up our life right now! We have been buried in it. Someone has been up all night for a few nights now. Which means Mommy and Daddy have been up too! We have had high temps, VERY sore throats, horrible coughs and even some throwing up and very limited nap times and a late night doctors trip. When I took Madison to our Doc in Boise - who is the best by the way - it was after hours and a last minute trip. She was just getting so bad we thought I better take her. So I called Jason's Grandma to come sit with the boys until he got home. I was rushing around to get myself dressed, Madison clothed, diaper bag packed, car warmed up and everything ready to go. Drove the hour to Boise with Madison feeling AWFUL in the back and me not being able to help. Got to the docs and realized I FORGOT my purse. So no money. Then realized I was on empty. Then realized my phone was dead. My charger just happened to be in my purse, at home. Remembered my parent were not in Boise but visiting in Ontario. Sheesh...Finished the appointment and went to my Grandma's house -who NEVER goes out in the evenings and that night they decided to go out to eat. SO I waited and they made it home after half hour. My Grandpa took me and put gas in my car and got a hold of my Mom who had my Dad drop her at my sisters in Nampa on his way to Ontario. So I picked her up, used her cell phone to call Jason and she bought me and Madison dinner. Drove me home so I could take care of Madison and we finally got to call it a night. What a night it was too!
Jason and I both are sick too. Man, it's hard when the whole family gets it. Cam is doing 100% better now - praise the Lord. Madison seems to be at the end of hers, we will see. Blake is not doing good at all. I am doing better, I think I about have it licked! (I pray I do!!) Jason is feeling awful but he is the kind of guy who NEVER has taken a sick day! He goes at just as hard as ever. He works 10-12 hour days in the 12 degree winter weather and never complaines. Then he comes home and declares a night off for me. What a guy huh???? SO that is what our days consist of. No new pics - just surviving and taking care of my poor kiddos. Loving on them, trying to rest, trying to get them to rehydrate and get better. Hopefully soon...
Well, all that to say I should shut down the computer and get some sleep!

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