Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cookie Day

Working SO hard to get caught up and STAY caught up! Whew...that is a task!
We had a fun cookie day with Sheila, Brogan and Briscoe. It was interesting and a little crazy with 4 two year olds and a 1 year old! Ha. Sometimes I think we are crazy for the things we try!
They did a really good job though. Had lots of fun, made a BIG mess and actually turned out some pretty cute cookies. Sheila and I frosted the rest (the ones we shared with people. Minus all the slobber and germs!)
Madison was very serious about her job! And she wanted COMPLETE controll of the sprinkles.
Blake just wanted to eat everything within reach.
And...Cameron too!
Brogan did a really good job and Briscoe tried really hard to get his hands on some goodies.
Supervising in a white shirt. I know - but it made it through!
The aftermath...
The completed project. Fun day - love the Christmas season!

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