Friday, August 6, 2010

What's been going on?

  • Been busy around here!
  • Jason was out on a fire for a week - that was after he was home for, 10 hours! He got a call and off he went!
  • Working on remembering what a blessing Jason's job is - even when he's gone!
  • Thankful Jason is home for a little while now (as long as the weather cooperates!)
  • Been going to a Home Builders Bible study and LOVING it! So nice to be encouraged as a mom and thankful for the ladies who are leading it and sharing with us!
  • Took the kids to Roaring Springs for the first time - we had fun! Jacob and Bianca helped me watch the kiddos! Can't wait to go again!
  • Had 2 VERY good days this week! Thankful for those!
  • Took the kids to the fair in Ontario this week - was HOT! Went.....ok......but a good experience!
  • Got to go for a nice, long and fun shopping day with Sheila last week!! YEA!
  • Got to spend a day last week with Grace and all the girls doing wedding stuff! So fun! The dress is AWESOME!!
  • Had dinner with Curt and Rene' - yummy homemade salsa courtesy of Grace!
  • Going to the Rodeo tonight with my main squeeze
  • Put all three kids in the shopping cart at Wal-Mart for the first time! BIG step for this momma. (My stroller was out of commission) I did wipe it down with my sanitizing wipes I carry with me - I bet people walking past thought I was CRRAAAZY, you might even think it was crazy! :) Somethings die hard.....the NICU nurses have ruined me for life! :)
  • Picked out paint colors for the church - so excited to help re-do the inside!

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SB&C said...

Why am I not on that list???? :)