Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Update 2 - The Kids

I am NOT ok with how BIG they look in this picture!
They are still pretty stinkin' cute though!
(If I do say so myself!)

Little Miss Madison

Oh, this child! She is amazing! She will keep my on my knees, praying, for the rest of my life I think! She is so full of life and presonality! She is very stubborn, determined child. (Yes, Mom and Dad I know - she's a mini me and it's payback! :)) She can be the silliest, happiest little ball of joy one minute - and the next she can be so upset and throw fits I can't even describe to you! She is all girl in some ways and others she is not. She screams and screeches with the best of them when she is excited or scared. She loves to play in the dirt but gets upset if anything gets dirty. She has a temper. She likes bugs, most of the time. It changes. When she is really happy she babbles non-stop in her own adorable language. She does not say a lot yet, but I am just waiting. She LOVES to eat still. Great eater, not too picky either. Not loving her milk these days but we did finally switch from bottles to sippy cups and I think she misses the bottles! She LOVE LOVE LOVES to climb, anything, anywhere without thought to what could happen. Yes, my heart stops often! Sleeping well through the night, wakes up anywhere from 7-8. Goes down at 8:30 (unless Dad is in charge, he lets them stay up late!) Down to one nap a day (mommy likes 2 naps!) and sleep for 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Goes down GREAT wakes up grumpy if I don't get her out RIGHT AWAY! We are working on that! Is a Mommys girl - but still loves her Daddy! She is a joy and a challenge. Can't wait to see what God will do with her spit fire personality!


Blake is a super sweet little boy! He is funny about being sweet though, it's pretty random. Sometimes he just wants to hug and kiss and hold hands with the other kids, and sometimes he is a loner. So funny. He is ALWAYS loving on Mommy though. He comes running in at full speed and grabs the back of my legs, sticks his head through my legs and just hugs me for a while. SO cute! He loves babies, is usually very sweet with them! He has started being a little more of a stinker these days. He isn't obeying mommy as well as he used to. Has been very stubborn when I ask/tell him to do something. Everything that has always been off limits is now ok - or so he has decided! He has been starting to push and hit a little bit these days. So we are working on being nice, nice touches ect. He does have a sweet heart though and I love that I can see that! He has always been our quiet one but is getting noiser everyday!! He doesn't talk (as in words you can understand) but he babbles and hollers a lot. He likes to "Run Fast", and jump off things. He loves music and dancing and ring around the rosy! He's never been our big eater but I think he must be growing right now because I can't keep enough food and milk in his little belly. Blake is a great sleeper, although a little light. So if someone else is having a hard time sleeping he will get woke up. Otheriwse, goes down at 8:30 and sleeps until 8. He also takes on nap and naps great! 2-3 hours depending on the day or if Madison wakes them up! :)Love this little boy and all the joy he brings us! Excited to see the kind of man he will grow up to be!

Cam the Man
Cameron is FUNNY! He keeps me smiling! He knows how to make you laugh and does his best to do it!! He is a talker - talks ALLLLL the time! And you understand most of it. He also babbles, non stop - I love listening to him talk. He is very animated when he talks, he has GOT something to say! it! He loves to dance, jump and just be silly! He LOVES basketball and most any kind of ball. He is really good at basketball too. He can shoot and dribble too! He has a special monkey that he absolutley loves, asks for it all the time. Plays with him, talks about him, loves that monkey. He also likes dolls, yes my son likes dolls. :) He takes them on walks (in Madisons babydoll walker) and pats their back after he makes crying noises for them. It's got to be one of the cutest thing ever. He asks for pictures now - above is his cheesy grin when I ask him to smile. He has been VERY VERY whiney lately. Cries and gets upset about everything these days. He has also been getting frustrated more and hitting at things when he's mad. So we are working on how to be nice and deal with things. Really though, he is just easy going and happy most of the time. He's my easy one. I need one of those! :) He loves to eat, loves meat! He asks to eat and then asks to eat meat! He is adding "ies" to everything i.e. mommies, daddies, monkies, sissies ect. So funny! He is a SUPER sleeper. Sleeps long and hard! Same sleeping schedule of the other two. I love this sweet boy so much, I think he is going to make a good husband some day!

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