Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Things to remember

Madison is going to be too much like her momma. She hates to be dirty. She gets mad at that boys if they don't clean up the toys right, or put the toys in the wrong basket. And tonight there was a very strong hay smell rolling in all the sudden and she started freaking out! She just kept crying and whining and says "no, no, no, no" (which is nose) and sticking her finger in her nose. She REALLY didn't like the smell. She would not stop until I took her inside. So cute!
Cameron is in LOVE with cowboy boots right now. He is forever asking for his boots. He loves them. He wears them with the funniest outfits and looks pretty goofy. I love how kids decide they love things and just run with it. He also has a new love for limes. I think he had this one in his mouth for at least 2 hours. Would have had it in longer if Dad didn't throw it away!Blake has started a nightly ritual of kissing Madison and Cameron good night. It. IS. Adorable!!! He gives me and Jason our hugs and kisses and then runs to Madison, grab her face or shoulders with both hands, opens his mouth wide, tilts his head to the side and gives her a big,lingering kiss. ADORABLE. Then he runs to Cam and does the same thing. I love it.

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