Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Update 1 - The Adults

Well, I thought it was about time for an update! I was doing so good at my once a month update on the kids and now I have totally fallen behind! :) They keep me so busy these days that I barely have time to get on here let alone get a big update done! :) But here goes....

Jason: Is staying SO busy at work! This is a blessing (though if you asked me right now you would get that answer begrudgingly! I miss him so much!) but I know that God is taking care of us and we are thankful! He's been working loonnnnngg hours, goes out of town regularly, right now is busy with fire season! The wet spring and mild summer has made it just right for the fires. When that happens they go out, try and fight the fires around their polls, and then replace all the damaged polls to get people back into power. His schedule this week is work 16 hour days then hours of sleep and repeat until everything is ship shape again. When he is home he is completely dedicated to helping me out. To making sure he has lots of time with the kids and that I have the breaks I need after he's been gone. He even makes sure he spends time with me which we both are missing right now! And in the rest of his spare time he works on the house. He keeps the lawn immaculate! Right now we are getting bids and getting ready to do a bit of a remodel and addition. We are both excited but that will mean more work for Jason! Although for the first time in our married life, we are having someone else do some of the work which will be awesome for Jason!!
Me: I am mostly staying busy taking care of our little crew! It's the hardest/best/most frustrating/most rewarding/stretching/growing/wonderful job I have ever had! :) Right now all 3 kids are cutting at least 3 teeth! Yikes! I think they are growing too because I can not keep enough food in them to keep them happy. I have been slowly working on projects around the house that I have been working on for at least a year. That's how my projects go these days, but that's ok! My biggest project is raising my kiddos! Been walking everyday with Sheila and Jamie. Jennifer also joins us somedays. It's so fun to get out and exercise and have good company too! I have also been doing a Bible study at Calvary Chaple and have loved it. I have to miss the last week - I am so bummed! I have been learning a lot from them! One of the biggest things I am learning is that this is my season. That raising my kids, teaching them, showing the Christ and loving them IS what I am supposed to do right now. So, if I don't do a lot of other things - that's ok. Because my calling is to raise my kids - and to raise them in the Lord. I tend to bummed that I am not doing as many things. I read crafty blogs, or even friends blogs that are just good at certain things and are always doing something creative. Then I get discontent. Or wonder why I can't do all that stuff. You see, one of my passions is to creat and make things homey and beautiful! So I do miss doing those things. But then I remind myself a couple things. 1 - They don't have triplets. :) 2. This is my season - brought by the Lord that I do NOT want to miss out on! So thankful for the teachings of wiser women! I could write a whole book on all the other things I am learning right now but we will leave it at that for now! :) I am heading up the inside makeover of our church. New paint, window treatments and decor. SOSO excited to see some much needed changes in there! I am SOSO thankful and blessed to have my husband! He has been wonderful throughout these harder days - always encouraging, reminding and giving me breaks. He's amazing!

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