Monday, July 5, 2010


I am so backed up on posts! Ahhh, I hate it when that happens! It's always my goal to do a little something every other day or so and then 3 weeks go by and I have so much I need to put on and then forget most of it! :P
Jason had too go to work as soon as we got back to town from camping. We weren't expecting that so it was hard! He was gone for 9 days this time instead of 8. Boy, let me tell you - that 1 day makes a BIG difference! We had a pretty rough week while Jason was away! The kids have been more challenging for me lately. They have reallllllly been testing me, and not obeying me quite as well as they do with Jason. So that has been hard for me while Jas is gone! I try so hard to be consistant but I get so tired when Jason is gone and I start to slack a little on the discipline and consistancy with the kiddos. It doesn't seem as bad, now that I have a break and am looking back but in the middle of it, mommy to triplet 2 year olds, by myself, in charge - I start to fall apart. Thankfully I have some very faithful friends and family in my life that are always willing to help me out. My parents are AMAZING!!! They let us stay with them for the weekend, try to give me breaks and love on the babies! My sister babysits or listens to me vent, and just checks in on me! Sheila is always willing to take one or all of the kids (with her own 2!) for and hour or two and give me a break, she is always great at checking in on me! Grandma Danny is always willing to babysit to give me a couple hour break as well. And let me tell you it is needed! :) Aunt Boo is a life saver - she stays the night with me whenever I need it, she listens for the kids and fgives me a full night sleep, and comes over to play when I need it. Grace and Abigail take turns staying the night with me too! So now you are thinking well what in the world is she complaining about aren't you??? Well, as awesome as this help's not a Daddy/Husband!!! Although, let me reiterate, I would be lost without these faithful few!!!! God has blessed us with some great people in our lives!
And as hard as this time is, and as much as I wish Jason's schedule could change, I have been learning that this is where the Lord has us. That this is his plan for our lives. That He has determined where I should live and where I would be! I have been trying so hard to cling to this knowledge when I am lonely and stressed. Doesn't always work but hey, I am a work in progress! :) I am learning to have joy in my Lord, not in my circumstances or even only finding my joy in my husband. My true joy should be in the Lord. I am also learning my kids are going to grow up faster than I can blink and I don't want to miss things because I am stressed to the max being a single mommy. :) So that's what I am learning and hope I continue learning. Cause as hard as these kids can be sometimes - THEY ARE AMAZING!!! So blessed to have them and am so in love with them! And that Daddy of theirs - words can describe what an amazing husband and father he is. Which is why I want him around! :)
Jason is home for a month or so - which I am thankful for! And now, it's time for bed so I am ready to take on the next week!

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